The UK Manufacturing Directory was born out of a need by the owner (Luke Sienkiewicz), an experienced Design Engineer of over 20 years, to find new manufacturing companies within the UK who could provide products or services with shorter lead times and at lower costs than the larger  and more popular manufacturing companies. In many cases, this proved difficult as the bigger companies with larger advertising budgets could ‘out advertise’ their smaller competitors and this left the smaller companies at a loss for new business.

We are a specialist, web based directory promoting the best of all UK Manufacturing Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s). This directory benefits these SME’s by placing them directly in front of key decision makers within lots of different companies. Those decision makers, some of which will include Design Engineers, Applications Engineers, Procurement Specialists and many more will in turn, have at their fingertips, the best resource available for finding the best of UK Manufacturing Companies.

The aim of the UK Manufacturing Directory therefore, is to provide decision makers in both design and procurement process, with more competitive options and to provide UK SME’s with a cheaper and more direct approach to advertising their products and services.